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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Window Film?

A micro-thin polyester material, which gives you plenty of sunlight with less of the sun's heat and UV rays. Applied to the interior of your windows, the film is an invisible "solar shield" that can reject over 80% of the sun's heat. In summer, your home is cooler and more comfortable, so you save on energy bills. In winter, films retain heat for year-round comfort. 

Does Advanced Energy Films Install Samples?

Yes! Advanced Energy Films installs film samples at every appointment. We like to give you a first hand experience to the process and also the difference in the different film shades. We install samples on on of your main windows and have you test drive the film on your home for a few days. This also allows you to see what your home will look like from the out side based on the different shades. If you have any other questions about installing samples at your home give us a call! 

Will it stop my furnishings from fading?

The sun’s ultraviolet rays are the leading cause of fading of a home’s interior. Window film will help preserve the color brilliance of furnishings, fabrics, family heirlooms, as well as help protect fine woods, antiques and works of art from discoloration and fading. It is very important that you are getting a true 99.9% elimination of UV rays, which is the highest protection available. Leading interior designers and architects nationwide recommend the application of our window film to their clients.

Does window film reduce heat coming in through windows?

Yes, window films stops up to 80% of the heat from entering your home and are safe for dual pane or low-e glass thus increasing the window’s performance.

Is there a film that will reduce the glare

and not make my home dark?

Yes, window films greatly reduce the eye squinting glare caused by the sun and with newer technologies still being high in light transmission; therefore, not making your home dark. Advanced Energy Films window film products work in the spectra light system and are a clear technology allowing 70% of the light in your home. 

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