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Window tinting can benefit any size home.
For privacy, cooling, energy savings and security…
Window tinting your home is a sound investment!

Protects your home from Harmful ultraviolet rays!

Most people don’t realize that over time, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can be very harmful to your homes interior. It can damage draperies, window dressings, antiques, fine wood furniture, upholstery, and even carpeting. But with Advanced Energy’s professionally installed window film, your homes interior will be protected. Our films block out 99% of those dangerous ultraviolet rays so your interior stays beautiful and lasts longer. 

Master bathroom windows with Huper Optik Fusion 10 installed. Great heat control!
huper optik energy saver 35
home dramatic difference

Saves on energy bills! 
Installing window film not only protects your belongings, but also saves money on energy bills year round and has 3 year payback on your investment. These specially designed films allow visible light to enter while rejecting the heat and harmful ultraviolet radiation. In addition, our films actually prevent interior heat from escaping in the winter, keeping you and your family comfortable all year round. Plus, our window films also avert the annoying glare of the sun that interferes with reading, watching television, or viewing a computer screen, thus making your environment a more pleasant place to live.

Protects you from injury! 
Ordinary glass breaks and splinters, however by applying an Advanced Energy Film product, it bonds to glass and helps hold dangerous glass fragments in place reducing the likelihood of injury. Stronger films are available for protection against disasters, accidents, or illegal entry.

And more… 
Advanced Energy Films comes with the industry's toughest and most durable coating. This makes cleaning a breeze with most everyday household window cleaners, plus our films are available in a beautiful palette of designer shades, offering a range of tints that coordinate with any room, including neutral. Plus, they’re backed by a manufacturer's warranty against cracking, peeling discoloring, adhesive failure and delaminating when installed by an Advanced Energy Films certified installer who installs in accordance with manufactures guidelines. 

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